Why Choose us?

The key to obtaining a satisfactory settlement to your claim is cooperation. The AHNCO representative is an expert to dealing with insurance industry and interpreting the policy to the benefit of the insured.

Working exclusively for you, the A.H Neaman Company will assist you by:

  • Estimating the extent of damage to your dwelling and personal property.
  • Preparing an inventory with specific values and loss per item.
  • Furnishing required documentation and specifications relating to your loss.
  • Compiling and filing your loss of use claim.
  • Conducting discussions with the insurance company’s adjuster/contractor/representatives.
  • Obtaining the best possible insurance adjustment.
  • The A.H Neaman Adjuster will provide needed stability and protection during times of crisis.
  • If you have recently experienced a loss of property due to a disaster and you are unsure of your rights, call us and we’ll provide you with further information during a free consultation. You’ve nothing to lose and perhaps thousands to gain.